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Why Societymax

Over 1000 management committees in India use Societymax to save time and manage their Apartment complexes better. All complex data of the residential society can be managed transparently from one place. SocietyMax is all about "Innovative solutions at Affordable price".

• SocietyMax is a SaaS platform which is build to help your society by offering gamut of online services. SocietyMax currently offer Apartment/Facility management and accounting software with Collaboration tools that Increases transparency of Society operations and Accounts.

• Societymax Provide quick, genuine and comprehensive information to our site users about Service providers, businesses and vendors and help societies to connect with right vendors.

• Societymax makes all operations transparent and therefore prevent arguments among owners and residents. All process are managed professionally by software and no dependence on any person.

• Society Management tool’s: SocietyMax currently offer Apartment/Facility management and accounting software with Collaboration tools to manage your:

- Apartments, Housing Complex OR Groups.
- Co-operative Housing Societies (CHS)
- Apartment Owners Associations
- Facility Management Agencies, Promoters and Developers

Why to use Apartment management Software

• There is no interaction between society members. This software will help residents to interact at one platform.
• These days Society member uninterested in celebrating any event or festival because of hectic meetings and fund collection. Societymax will help them to create and manage any event or Festival
• To resolve any issue there is no platform for communication. Societymax has a feature complaints and suggestion for the user to resolve every issue of the society.
• It is costly to manage whole society accounting and activity manually, Societymax comes with the feature of Society billing and accounting to perform all these operations automatically.
• Residents want to stay in touch with the association and other Residents to involve in decision making and be compliant with the association rules, and this is not possible in this busy schedule. Societymax will help the residents to stay connected.
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